Good Morning,We have added over 90 new transmission lines to our actual transmission flows reports (Fundamentals/Transmission/BA Flows).  This hourly data is derived from the EIA's Electric System Operating feed and is updated once  per day around 6:00 AM est.  The data reflects  interchange (hourly MW) for 29 Balancing Authorities each of which are interconnected with one or more other BAs for a total of about 80 "lines".We have prepared three different views for the data; the default interface is our Summary Report.Balancing Authority Interchanges - Summary - Ansergy Hubs002_BAICsumHubThe above report summarizes BA flows by hub and compares current flows (yesterday) versus prior periods (Two days back, a week ago, a month ago, etc).   You can also drill down to see which BAs are mapped into the hubs.002_BAICsumBAmidcThis view displays all of the BAs sending energy into/out of the MidC; you can also view intra-hub interchanges, like Northwestern to Idaho, or Avista to Puget.  From the summary table you can select either hourly or daily charts.Hourly Chart - Idaho Power to Pac East002_BAIC_hourly_IPCtoPACEThe red line is the average flows while the two grey lines are the min and max (hourly lows and highs).  I find the data fascinating and believe it sheds light on what previously was unknown to the market, aside from the BAs themselves.    The hourly data can also be viewed at a hub level:Great Basin to Palo Verde002_BAIC_hourly_GBtoPVThe above  plot is made up of the following lines:002_BAIC_hourly_GBtoPV_linesThe "FR" and "TO" reflect the standard NERC abbreviations for Balancing Authorities; in the above table NEVP = Nevada Power; WALC = WAPA Lower Colorado; PACE = Pacific Corp East; AZPS = Arizona Pub Service; SRP = Salt River Project.   None of these line flows has ever before been available to the public.In addition to the hourly data we have also aggregated to daily beginning on May 1, 2015 through yesterday.Daily Flows - Great Basin to SP15002_BAIC_daily_GBtoSPwhich is comprised of these lines:002_BAIC_daily_GBtoSP_linesWhere CISO = Cal ISO (SP15 in this case) and LDWP = LA Dept of Water & Power.    As with hourly, daily also can be drilled down to a specific line:Nevada Power to LA Dept of W&P002_BAIC_hourly_NEVPtoLDWPNegative means power is flowing to Nevada from LA; whereas positive is just the opposite (from Nevada to LA).  All of the interchanges between NERC regions are also available (DC lines):Rockies to MISO002_BAIC_daily_RMtoMISOAnsergy will be using this data to back cast its forecast against actuals, something that in the past was not possible for most lines.   We also believe there are other hidden gems in the data, for example by monitoring flows from Northwestern to the rest of the Mid-C you are basically tracking Colstrip.   Let me know if you would like me to schedule a one on one to walk through the new data.Mike