About Ansergy

Ansergy, the leader in power trading support, is offering a free trial of daily market commentary in addition to full website access containing hundreds data-driven reports.

Why Ansergy?

  • optimized as a power trading support tool
  • Knowledgeable second opinion from experienced analysts
  • Insight into the information many of your peers absorb every day

Ansergy is solely focused on the WECC and is backed with decades of actual trading and analytical experience.  Whether you want an easy to digest source of gas nominations or transmission line loads, or exclusive use of Trade Rank, Ansergy’s proprietary price forecast tool, Ansergy has a solution for you.

Ansergy has enjoyed an amazing year, we’d like to share with you a few of the highlights.

  • Doubled our number of customers
  • Ansergy clients represent 70% of the traded market
  • Expanded forecasts and market calls from Current Day out Five Years
  • Released our 25 Year Forecasts for IRP and Private Equity Investors


We have also enhanced and expanded the ways our clients access data:

  • API – automate everything
  • FTP – custom scrapes tailored to your exact needs
  • Emailed reports – any combination of reports, emailed to your desktop at anytime of the day, any day of the week
  • Dashboards – combine any combination of reports to create a custom solution for your exact needs

APT (Algorithmic Power Trading) – our latest release, an algorithmic ranking of 1100 traded WECC Term products each with a Buy/Sell/Hold bias. Includes our trading system parameters along with PnL and Position Reports. Check out our book (paper only):

Client Comments

Our clients love us, most renewed and insisted on 2-3 year contracts. Here are a few quotes:

“Ansergy is the only service we’ll ever use. It meets all of our term market needs.” — Head of Real-Time, IOU

“Your dedication to customer fulfillment is the gold standard.” — Next Day Trader, Muni

APT is a total game changer, our margins grew 5X in the first three months.” — Term Trader, Spec Shop

We use Ansergy’s 25 Year Forecasts to mark all of our exotic positions. Not only are the hourly forecasts reasonable, the data downloads in a format that is perfect for our Risk Management software” — VP Trading, Spec Shop

Don’t take our word or our client’s, try it yourself. Take the service for a free two-week trial, you won’t be sorry.