Market Commentary

Ansergy is the only service on the planet that writes daily market commentary on WECC’s term markets. Our commentary is delivered to our clients every morning, before the market opens, and includes our take on all the market drivers for that day. There is no set format, the commentary adapts to the market.  In the winter we primarily focus on loads and hydro, while the summer focuses on loads, outages, and the gas markets. Some of the features our clients most cherish include:

  • Daily

    • Each business day you’ll receive our timely commentary
      • Monday – Mike’s Take, a recap of WECC drivers and their impacts on therm markets
      • Tuesday – STP Update, a summary of the changes in the most recent STP, as measured in energy (aMW)
      • Mid-Week Update, a recap of WECC drivers and their changes since Monday
      • Thursday – Mike’s Take, similar to Monday but includes Trade/Hedging ideas using the firm’s proprietary APT (Algorithmic Power Trading) model.
      • Friday – TradeBook, Ansergy’s proprietary model-based trading system that includes hypothetical trades marked to market every day along with the book’s position report.
  • Multiple Users

    • Create an account for as many of your firm’s users as you like; they’ll all get the update each morning.
  • Full Archives

    • Read historical posts beginning in 2015. All are available and searchable.
  • Online or Email

    • You decide, get the full blog via email or view online.