WECC Power Forecast

Focused on Relative Changes of Market to Forecast Across Time

Ansergy’s WECC product is focused on changes across time and how those deltas translate into execution opportunities. The product provides a transparent evolution of how the forecast is changing over time and compares it to market.  The TradeRank feature applies a ranking scheme to highlight which traded products do not reflect the changing patterns indicated by the fundamentals.

Model Forecasts Update Intraday as New Information Becomes Available

Intraday updates are triggered to assess regular and unexpected updates.  The regular updates include updated weather forecasts at 0Z and 12Z.  Other intraday updates from the NRC, CAISO, BPA and NWRFC are incorporated as they become available.

Complete Dataset of Historical Fundamental Drivers

Online Reports include:

  • TradeRank Reports show the changing forecast compared to market for all traded products.
  • Price Forecast and Dispatch Reports focused on what is changing.
  • Processed Data proprietary model input data including STP energy report, load forecast, hydro energy forecast.
  • Source Data Sheets present source data with historical context such as degree days by hub, stream flows of current vs historical.

Delivery Options include:

  • Easy and secure access delivered via the web
  • Email reports

Customer Support

  • Instant message
  • Phone
  • Onsite