Reports – Execution Tools

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A collection of reports designed to facilitate the execution of energy trades. Though Ansergy does not provide trading guidance its reports do support the identification of opportune
trading and hedging strategies. Our current suite of execution tools includes:

Trade Rank

A comparison of forecast to market prices for all traded products grouped by derivative type. This tool can be used for computing the relative richness of a market by measuring the delta between the market and forecast prices. In some instances (not all) the market behaves in a technical pattern around the forecast which can generate execution signals.

Generation Stack

The Ansergy stack after outages by month, hour type, and hub. Generating capacity is sorted in price ascending order.

Market vs. Forecast

Summary of the relationship between the Next Day and Balance of Month market prices and Ansergy forecast prices.

Spot Settles

A comparison of the Ansergy daily forecast to the ultimate ICE daily settle price by the date of the forecast.

Weather Scenarios

– 26 weather scenarios based upon actual stream flows and temperatures for the years 1989 to 2015.  Demand and hydro are recomputed for each scenario, all other variables use the most recent Ansergy forecasts. These reports are also organized by derivative type and can be used to identify the effects of shifts from climatology on markets.