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Ansergy continuously collects the raw input data (24 hours/day, 7 days per week) necessary to create real-time forecasts.  Our production cost model generates hourly forecasts for the next 27 months for six WECC hubs.

  • Mid-C: 13 northwest balancing authorities
  • NP15: 4 northern California balancing authorities
  • SP15: 6 southern California balancing authorities
  • Palo Verde: 4 Arizona balancing authorities
  • Great Basin: 4 Utah and Nevada balancing authorities
  • Rockies: 6 New Mexico, Wyoming,and Colorado balancing authorities

Forecasts are accessed through a summary table


The table can be filter to show all traded products for a single hub


Or by looking at single product for all hubs (or any combination)


Left side nav takes the user to hourly, daily, or monthly charts and you can drill down for a quick view of what is driving the price changes:


Power Hubs

hubid hubcode hubname hubshort hubaltmap wpname gashub
1 mc Mid-C Mid-C mc Mid-C ngmc
2 np NP15 NP15 np NP15 ngnp
3 sp SP15 SP15 sp SP15 ngsp
4 pv Palo Verde Palo pv Palo Verde ngpv
5 gb Great Basin GB gb Great Basin nggb
6 rm Rockies RM rm Rockies ngrm
7 zp ZP26 ZP sp ZP26 npnp
8 sp-mc SP15 – MidC sp-mc   SP15 – MidC  
9 np-mc NP15 – MidC np-mc   NP15 – MidC  
10 sp-np SP15 – NP15 sp-np   SP15 – NP15  
11 sp-pv SP15 – Palo sp-pv   SP15 – Palo  
13 bc BC Hydro BC bc BC Hydro


Gas Hubs

region location curveshub nghub
Arizona/Nevada El Paso S. Mainline/N. Baja N Baja  
Arizona/Nevada Kern Delivery Kern Del  
California California Regional Avg. Cal Avg  
California Malin Malin  
California National Avg. Natl Avg  
California PG&E Citygate PG&E – Citygate ngnp
California SoCal Border Avg. SoCal Border ngpv
California SoCal Citygate Socal-Citygate ngsp
California Southern Border, PG&E PG&E S. Border  
Canada Empress Empress  
Canada Westcoast Station 2 WC Stn2  
Rocky Mountains Cheyenne Hub Cheyenne  
Rocky Mountains CIG CIG  
Rocky Mountains CIG DJ Basin CIG DJ  
Rocky Mountains El Paso Bondad EP-SJ Bondad  
Rocky Mountains El Paso non-Bondad EP non-Bondad  
Rocky Mountains Kern River Kern River  
Rocky Mountains Kingsgate Kingsgate  
Rocky Mountains Northwest S. of Green River NW Green R  
Rocky Mountains Northwest Sumas Sumas ngmc
Rocky Mountains Northwest Wyoming Pool NW Wy ngrm
Rocky Mountains Opal Opal  
Rocky Mountains Questar Questar  
Rocky Mountains Stanfield Stanfield  
Rocky Mountains Transwestern San Juan SJ TW nvgb