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Ansergy scrapes 40+ sources of gas nomination data for just western US and Canadian gas pipes, storage facilities, and LDCs.  Total nodes are around 3500, each with 3+ years of daily history.   Sites are scraped about every 4 hours, 24 hours a day.  Ansergy generates seven reports from this data for clients and also use the data to forecast natural gas demand and production.


We publish raw noms for the last seven days, clients can set up FTP feeds or just scrape the site.  Full history is available upon request.

Gas Nom Sites


PipeCode PipeName wpName URL
AP Alliance Pipeline LP (USA) Alliance Pipeline
CCS Clear Creek Storage Clear Creek Storage
CIG Colorado Interstate Gas Company Colorado Interstate
CP Cheyenne Plains Cheyenne Plains
EPNG El Paso Natural Gas Company El Paso Natural Gas
GTNW Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation (PGT-NW) Gas Transmission Northwest Corp
KRGT Kern River Gas Transmission Company Kern River
MOPC Mojave Pipeline Company Mojave
NB North Baja North Baja
NBPC Northern Border Pipeline Company Northern Border
NGP Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America Natural Gas Pipeline
NNGC Northern Natural Gas Company Northern Natural
NWP Northwest Pipeline Corporation Northwest
OPC Overthrust Pipeline Company Overthrust
PGE Pacific Gas and Electric Company Pacific Gas and Electric
QPC Questar Pipeline Company Questar
REX Rockies Express Pipeline Rockies Express
RUBY Ruby Pipeline Ruby
SCG Southern California Gas Company Southern California Gas
SGP Sierrita Gas Pipeline Sierrita
SSC Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Southern Star Central
STP Southern Trails Pipeline Company Southern Trails
TCAB TransCanada (BC – Foothills) TransCanada BC Foothills
TCP TransColorado Gas Transmission Company TransColorado
TIGT Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission Tallgrass
TPC Trailblazer Pipeline Company Trailblazer
TUSC Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company Tuscarora– Select One — &page=1&sort=LocationName&sort_direction=ascending
TWP Transwestern Pipeline Company Transwestern
WBIP Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co. Williston Basin
WEI Westcoast Energy Inc. Westcoast Energy
WGS Wild Goose Storage Wild Goose Storage
WIC Wyoming Interstate Company Wyoming Interstate
WRH White River Hub LLC White River Hub
YGS Young Gas Storage Company Young Gas Storage
NGTL NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. NOVA Gas
MIST Mist Storage Mist Storage
RYCK Ryckman Storage Ryckman Storage