Complete Ansergy Solution

Complete Ansergy Solution – Free Complete Product Trial ($5k Value) – This all inclusive product includes all 260 customizable reports and forecasts that our analysts study and reference to write our commentary. With a fundamentals based approach combined with patented software, proprietary analytics and trademarked trading models Ansergy provides unique and comprehensive insight into the WECC.
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Optimized as a wholesale power execution support tool
Knowledgeable second opinion from experienced analysts
Insight into the same information your peers absorb every day

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API – upload our data into your system.
CRR – 200,000 paths that includes full history, settlements, independent fundamental drivers (actuals and forecasted) plus our trademark PathFinder solution that identifies the best paths to buy or sell.
SO Data Warehouse – complete library of all ISO data in real-time.
Forecasts – 14 Price Hubs; 31 transmission lines; 5 years of hourly forecasts updated 24/7 with live forecasts of Hydro, Wind, Solar, Demand, and every other price driver. Output covers everything from emissions, markets (price, spark spreads, heat rates) to wind speed, cloud cover, and demand drivers.
Data – Big data drives smart decisions; Ansergy’s has the most complete fundamental dataset in the business and includes:
*Gas Nominations for all WECC pipes
*Complete set of hydro (over 20 different datasets)
*Hourly loads for all WECC BAs
*Hourly transmission line loadings and TTC (forward and  back)
*Genstacks – current, proposed, retirements
*Markets – 60 months of hourly prices for 14 WECC  locations
Execution Support – Our TradeRankTM reports are used to measure the relative richness of any market. We cover over 300 traded products and include the following derivatives:
*Outrights – both on and off peak for the next sixty months
*Locational Spreads – SP15 to Palo Verde, NP15 to SP15, NP  to MidC; SP to MidC
*On Peak vs Off Peak
*Time Series Rolls; Month to month, Q to Q, Cal Rolls
*Option Pricing Module