Ansergy is built for one purpose, to support hedging and trading in WECC term markets. 

Who We Serve

Electric Utilities who need to monitor daily exposure to wholesale power markets.  Ansergy provides insight on a daily basis to help them time the execution of their hedges. 

Proprietary Traders who want to maximize opportunities when the market disconnects from fundamentals through Ansergy's daily forecast and trade ranking system.

Generators who want to maximize the optionality of their generating assets using Ansergy's forecast and trade rank system. 

Industrial Customers who actively manage their power purchasing and need to adjust their hedges and buying strategies periodically. We make sure our customers on are top of the market everyday even if they are only in the market a few times a year or month.

Does It Move Price?

We only care about one thing, does it move price?  Our focus is on deltas - the market versus forecast and how those deltas change across time. How is the market responding to changes in fundamentals? How is the Ansergy forecast changing in response to the same fundamentals?